Tips To Become A Great Parent

154 Becoming great parentsOnce you became a parent, you are opening a totally new chapter of your life. A lot of people say that being a parent is the most difficult job in the world. The role of the parent is a never ending cycle of love, care and patience. Being a parent is not supposedly an obligatory responsibility, it should be a willingness and passion to become one. Your children are your own blood; they are your own flesh so therefore you must value them more than you value yourself.

A lot parents really aim to be a great parents. They tend to read all the parenting books and guides on how to become one. As for me, being a parent comes naturally. It is something that you can do by just looking deep into your heart and reflect on your emotions.

So, how to become a great parent? Here are some key points that you should know about being a parent. They do deal with all the technicalities; they are just simple common sense that we sometimes forget.

As a parent you need to be a good role model to your children. As they grow up, they see their parents as their idols; they look up on them and believe that what their parents do is right. As a parent it is your primary role to lead your children to the path where they can have a good life and good future. Being a role model does not mean that you have to perfect, for perfection can sometimes lead to the disappointment of the parent and frustrations of the children. A good role model is letting your children create mistakes and as parent you need to guide them to make those mistakes as learning points of their life.

A great parent is a good disciplinarian. Sometimes you also need to impose rules and policies inside the house so that your children can grow into a good and responsible person. Imposed rules must not be too harsh yet must be strictly followed by everyone. Punishments should not include physical punishments but rather a deep conversation on why they are wrong and how not to repeat that mistake again. Being a parent also means being a good friend. Be a friend to your children so they will be comfortable talking to you about all the thoughts that they have in mind.

Above all, as a parent you need to make your children feel secured and loved. Assure them that no matter what happens you will always be there for them.

Family Life

All our life, some of us or probably most of us will always be a part of a family. Some may not have a complete family now, some may not have a father or a mother in their lives now, some may not have a sister or a brother and is an only child, but surely somehow we have been in a situation and in a relationship with people whom we can treat as our family. In an ideal setting where family is said to be the basic unit of the society, one is actually born in a family, with a mother and a father and even with brothers and sisters. And later on with our lives, we are also made in the world to also make a family of our own. Usually making a family with kids in the way is a big turn in marriages. And with this big turn, the husband and the wife must make plans to make the family and home the safest place on earth even for them and for their kids.

088 Family Life

Be it you are the mom, the dad, a kid, the brother, or the sister in the family, you can absolutely make your family a one happy family just like in the family relationship ideals one can sometimes see in television shows and movies.

In order to make your family happy, having time for each other is important. Just like what they always say, time is always the best gift one can give to someone. Spend some time together with your family. In order to make stronger relationships with them and with people, one must make time to be with each other. Go do activities together, you can exercise together, go trips together, or even just dine in the dinner table you have at home.

For parents, they or you must prioritize your marriage. A single glitch in your marriage can lead to the collapse of the family and it can have bad impacts to the kids. Love is important to keep the family tied up together. Being a model to your kids as you show your love to your spouse can show and help them have good relationships with other people.

And the most important of all, just like in any other relationship, is communication. Communication with each other makes it easier to understand what each of you wants, and what you need the most. Opening up with them by communicating your feelings to them will avoid bigger conflicts in the future. They are your family and surely they will understand you. But, of course, along with expecting them to understand you, you must also understand them in return. Respect each other’s opinions, perspectives, and views and never be judgemental. You must also learn to appreciate them, say sorry and thank you. Make them feel special in the little things you do. Sure, there are conflicts and problems, but surely, in order to keep relationships stronger, they must surpass such challenges along the way. Remember, they are your family and they can be your support system too, treat them with care like fragile porcelains.

3 Effects Of Religion On Family Life

125 strengthening the family through religionA family that prays together stays together. We surely have heard of this quote at least once in our lives. How true is it though? Is strengthening a family through religion possible? With the divorce rate increasing each year and families breaking before our eyes, is faith the answer? Studies show that religion plays an essential role in a family’s welfare. It can have a lot of positive effects on our lives since religion largely contributed to who or what we are as individuals. The following are some of these effects of religion on each of our family life.


1. Increases Quality Time

By praying or going to church services together, a family can have quality time for each other. It is a common practice for some countries to have a meal and go to the mall, park or some other place after attending the service. Parents and children can bond during these times and talk to each other about what happened to school or work. They can share their problems and achievements to each other or just simply talk about mundane things. Prayer time even before and after meals is also a good way of spending quality time with the family.


2. Gives Happiness

Prayers are powerful. Through praying, members of the family can tell the Supreme Being all their secrets, worries, fears and problems. The weight that they are feeling in their shoulders because of all of these can be lifted and they may feel at peace afterward. They can be happy as a family because they have faith that the Supreme Being will not allow anything to happen to them. They can believe that no matter what obstacles they may go through, He will guide them in the right path and they will survive together. They can feel happiness and contentment in their lives because they feel safe and serene.


3. Instills Moral Values

Religion strengthens the family by instilling moral values in each member. Today, there are numerous gray areas in society and many go astray because of lack of guidance. Through religion, they can have fear of God. A sense of righteousness will be instilled in them especially in children and this will guide them in making right and good decisions in their lives. They can learn the importance of honesty, selflessness, integrity, patience, respect and a lot more moral values that can serve as their guidance in living their lives.

Strengthening the family through religion is possible. With faith comes strength and if the family has faith, they will be strong enough to face anything that comes in their way.

Strengthening The Family Through Religion

190 strengthening the family through religionReligion is one of the issues that are very controversial in the society. There are a lot of religious conflicts and biases. Religion is also one of the reasons which sets people apart or even sets people in conflict with each other. There is something in religion that binds a line between people who have different practices and culture. Various countries have a lot of religion which is even a conflict in a particular local where inhabitants practice unlike religion. There have been a lot of happenings in the history such as wars and massacres all mainly go down to the main root – religion.

Religion is mainly idealism. As they say, religion cannot save us rather it is our own faith. The family is the fundamental factor which influences us in our religion. If our parent s believes in a particular religious order, then we, by default are also born into that religion. So setting aside the present conflicts worldwide, we have to take a look at the basics. What are we without our faith to our religion? Why do we believe that there is an Ultimate Being up in there which never ceases to guide us? With the rise of technology and modernity, how do people manage to cope up with their faith religiously? It is as simple as we have that inner devotion within ourselves that we purely believe in that Holiness. We believe in the fact that there is that Supreme Being which, may cannot be explained by science, is something that we must really explain but must understand and feel. The family helps us to be consistent with our faith and beliefs. As the old saying goes “The family that prays together, stays together.” True enough. The family which always gathers together to pray and to praise the Supreme Being is most strengthened by these activities.

Strengthening the family through religion requires the efforts of everyone in the family. The mother and the father must discipline everyone in the family to always honor the time for prayer. Even though everyone is too bust at school and at work, there must be always a time allotted for the bonding of the family. It is not easy to hold the family together without any conflicts and arrogances. But for a family to be strengthened by the Supreme Being is the greatest gift that one can have. The family is our major source of strength. We must not take it for granted.

Reasons Why People Go On A Diet

045 diet as a familyNowadays, people are very much obsessed with their weight. People go on a diet for a variety of reasons. One reason is the desire to fit in. People have become more conscious of their weight and the message that being obese is not wanted by the society for various reasons is shown by the media. People, afraid being left out or being an outcast has become more obsessed in controlling their diet.

Other people also go on a diet because of certain health concerns. Some individuals may have conditions that require them and or limit them to eat certain kinds of food.  For instance, people who have hypertension are advised to avoid eating fatty and salty food or if you are allergic to seafood you are advised to eat other types of food except for the latter.

Another reason for other people is work requirements. There are certain jobs that require some individuals to go on a special diet. These jobs are those wherein your physical appearance is very important. Take for instance jobs like customer service front liners, flight attendants, front desk officers, models, actresses, and many more.

Gaining self confidence can also be a reason for many people. Lots of images shown by the media have set the standard of beauty nowadays. These may have affected some people’s self esteem and self confidence that they have to go on a diet to keep up with what standard the media has set. Some would believe that they will be more attractive if they would eat this certain food because that is what the television commercial has shown. Alongside this is peer pressure. If you are surrounded with people who are much too conscious, you, depending on your personality, would also tend to be conscious with your weight.

There a lot of ways to go on a diet. However, the best diet would also depend on the person, Other people would go to a nutritionist or a dietitian, for them to know how much food or calories should they take daily. Research has also shown that family support is also important when you are on a diet. Just take for instance when you are still a student who is still financially dependent and eat your meals at home. Naturally, if your family or your parents is not that conscious with what they cook, you may end up being obese. If your parents are vegetarians, you might as well end up being a vegetarian. Diet as a family can be brought about by a lot of negotiations and compromises. The important thing is, you should communicate well with your family members, give them the pros and cons of your diet, in order for you to persuade them and gain their full support.

3 Easy Ways On How To Support Your Family

078 how to support your familyEvery one of us is a part of a one, big family. We assume the roles of becoming fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, godparents and grandparents all throughout our lives.  Every part of our life is shared with them – the past, the future and the present. Time passes so quickly to the point that we take for granted these brief, special moments with them.  They may come off as people who are strong and able to stand by their own selves, but what we don’t know is that, deep inside, lies their need to be taken care of, loved, and provided for. These are simple tips on how to support your family and show how much you value them in your life.


Show your love and care for them.

It can be through a simple hug, a brief peck on the cheek or by simply saying the words like “I love you”. You should not underestimate the power of these forms of affection. Your family members will surely appreciate you reminding them of your love and regard for your loved one.

Even if you’re busy with work and studies, make sure that you take some time off to bond and have fun with them. The idea of you and your loved ones being there to support each other uplifts one’s spirit and lightens the burden that they carry on their own shoulder.


Be a good listener.

There is no person in the world that doesn’t experience problems and challenges in life. Be sensitive enough to know which of your loved ones is struggling from a problem at school, at work or from a heart ache.

Let him or her know that you are there for them to listen to and that you can lend a shoulder to cry on. Be open-minded to their problems and also be ready to offer personal advices to help them. In cases in which he or she refuses to share the burden they’re carrying, just let them know that you are always there to support them.


Help in whatever way that you can.

Is your younger sibling studying for his or her exam tomorrow? Do you notice your parents being too tired to wash the dishes or do the laundry? Does your family need someone to pay the bills for that month? If you think that you have the ability and capacity to help your family in times of need, don’t hesitate to lend a hand. Your family has always been there for you every step of the way. It is about time that you do the same for them.

Supporting your family doesn’t require a big effort from you. In simple ways, you can show how much you cherish and treasure your loved ones. Time will come that you will no longer be able to do these kinds of things no matter how much you want to. Show them your love and care while you still can.

Bonding With Your Family At Night

074 having family nightsHow often do you have a family bonding? What do you usually do when you get together as a family? What keeps your family more interested and excited? Does your children like the time when you get together as a family or they get bored? Later I will tell you some of the exciting things that you can do as family. Having family nights is a fun thing to do and this will keep your children from being outside during the night. We all know that most children of this generation love to party at night which makes them more exposed to danger and bad influence like drugs, alcohol, and bad attitude. But of course it’s part of their growing up; you just need to be there all the time to guide your children. Now let us talk about the fun and exciting things that you can do as family when you gather at night.


Watch Movies

Do your children love to watch movies? There are a lot of family-friendly movies that you can watch. The movies that you will watch will depend on the age of your children. Or, if you don’t want any conflicts about the movies that you will be watching, you can simply ask your children what they want to watch. Even though you and your wife may also have your own choice of movies but the movie that you will watch may not be child-friendly. If you have more than one child, you need to ask what they want to watch and make sure that they agree with each other because they may have different interest and wants.


Play Games

If they don’t like to watch movies, you can actually play games. There are a lot of family games that you can play. You can either play the typical classic games or you can buy a game gadget and you can play as a family. You can buy the Wii Nintendo; for sure your children would love it. You can also play charades or guessing games. Children love to play and it will be more exciting if you put a price to whoever wins the game.


Story Sharing

Or, your other option is to simply sit there and just share stories. You can ask your children to share their experiences at school, about their crushes, about their goals and plans, and etc. You can also share to your children your life before when you are still a kid. Children would love to listen what and how you were when you are still a child.

You need to set a night where you can do your family night, like on weekends Friday night, Saturday night, or Sunday night.

Why You Should Make Your Children Happy

Our children are the best things that could happen in our life. Even though we are experiencing problems, still with them at our side we remain steadfast in facing our problems. Sometimes when circumstances get bigger we think of quitting. But because your children are waiting for you somehow you change your mind and become strong in getting rid of these troubles in your life. When you show that you are a fighter and determined in providing their needs they will also work in order to help you. In your simple way of love they will be happy, thus they will be motivated to strive for more.

043 how to raise children

Why is there a need in keeping children happy if you cannot even enjoy with your life because of so many works to do? Children are children. They are still dependent with your care and loved that is why you must show to them that you love them. Your hugs and kisses everyday will make them feel important. It shows that with them you are complete and at the same time blissful with their presence. When they are afraid of the dark, you can accompany them in their room. Your assurance that they are not alone and you are at their side will make them feel protected and secured from any harm.

Children are afraid of being left at the side. They are vulnerable to pain and suffering so you must guide them through the right path. If you plan to divorce your husband/wife think twice, trice or more. Make sure that your decision will not make your child abandoned. When they saw that you are having a quarrel, their heart aches more than you do. It is because they feel that abandoning them will make their life worst and miserable especially if they are still young. Separating will make them sad and the tendency they will become rebellious. And the result they will detach their self from you so that they will not feel the pain anymore when you decide to separate ways. Therefore do not show hatred and regrets in front of your children because they will feel that they are the cause of your misery. Show love and respect because only this they will be happy and secured.

Your children will also be happy if you will support their studies. Being present during his or her recital, and dance presentation will boost their personality. Somehow they will make good and active in school because they know that you are all out support with his or her studies. If you cannot express your love to your children make it a habit in showing your love and care. Expressing your feelings to your children is difficult especially if you are not used to it. A simple I love you and take care will somehow make them happy. This kind of endearment will not harm you instead this will make your family’s relationship strong.

In case you don’t know children really like gifts. They want to receive one from you especially during their birthdays and Christmas. Giving them gifts will show that you don’t forget their birthdays. This day marks their existence on earth that is why, even if you don’t have money you must treat him or her especially if they did something good. An ice cream or pasta will make them pleased and of course your presence. Your presence is very important and memorable to them so don’t forget to visit them or call if you happen to work abroad. Or if you don’t have money you can make a personalized card or scrapbook for them. Through this, you can make their life memorable and blessed.

Being An Active Family: What Does This Mean

078 being an active famliyDo you consider your family as an active family? What does it mean to be an active family? Being an active family means that you do many things of your interest. But being active also means that you are involve in some physical activities like you play sports, games, going on camp as family, and other interesting stuff that you think your family would enjoy. There are actually so many lists of activities that a family can do to be an active family. The activity will depend on the interests of the family. Let me give you some of the lists that you can do to keep your family active. This includes: family outing like going on camping, backpacking, hiking, mountain biking, swimming, fishing, and etc. You can also do an indoor activity like doing a weekly house cleaning, plan a garden together, wash the car together, doing house chores together, playing indoor games like board games, play follow the leader, card games, do physical exercise together (such as aerobics, taebo, dancing, and etc). Another is you can join fitness clubs like those marathon groups. Marathon running is really fun and enjoyable because it can help you improve your health, you will be able to meet new people, and you will be running for a cause.

You can also jog together in the morning as family to start your day healthy. There are so many things to mention to become an active family. Whatever physical activity you want to do as family it doesn’t matter as long as it provides you with great benefits and keeps your family together and happy. Another idea is try something new. Try doing things that you haven’t tried before. Exploring new things could be fun and challenging. You can also help your children by training them with their school fitness tests especially if your children want to join a sports club in their school. You can train together as family like for example if your children want to join the baseball team. Then on weekends, you can always set a date where you can train together and have fun together. This will not only improve the skills of your children but also you will be able to create a good relationship between you and them.

Being an active family may not be applicable to every family since each of us has our interests in life but we can always encourage each other and plan as family and enjoy the benefits that come along with it.

Becoming A Future Responsible Parent At A Young Age

Some people might say that it is too early to think about how to become a good parent at a young age, but there is no harm in doing so and it could even help you become prepared. There are lots of benefits if you start becoming responsible and think maturely at a young age. Here are some tips on how to develop your self on becoming great parents.

012 Becoming great parents

First and foremost, you need to improve yourself personally by concentrating on your weaknesses and strengths. If you know your weaknesses then you get to know what areas of yourself you need to improve on. For example, if you are someone who does not know anything about cooking, which is of course one of the most vital things a parent should know, you can start taking up cooking lessons or doing experimental cooking while you are young. Instead of spending your time watching television shows that are useless, you can watch cooking shows and take some tips. For sure, you will be able to improve your cooking skills as the time goes by. If you also know your strengths, then you will further improve it and develop new traits or skills with it. For example, if you are hardworking and a fast learner, which are traits that a responsible parent should have, then you can learn new things with it like learning household chores, because for sure, you will need it if you will have kids someday because you will be doing most of the work around the house if they are still young.

Second thing that you need to do is to improve your relationships with other people especially with your family. A good parent knows how to deal with the members of the family and if you are someone who is not good with interpersonal relationship skills, then it is one thing that you need to improve on. You will encounter many situations where your kids will have problems of their own and you need to communicate with them in every aspect, not only verbally but also emotionally and physically because sometimes there are problems that communication through words alone cannot solve. Lastly, the most important thing that you need to do on becoming a future parent is to become a good child to your own parent. There is always a saying that the way you treat your parents will be the way your kids will treat you when you become a parent yourself.

The Challenges Of Having A Family Life

One of our goals in this life is to have a family of our own. Many people have that dream of getting married to the person that they love and want to spend the rest of their life with. The wedding day is considered to be a dream come true and the most romantic and memorable day for the life of the couple that is getting married. But along this happiness and excitements, family life comes with changes, challenges, and great responsibilities that couples need to face and deal every day. Now, entering a family life would be a different journey because it will be full of challenges. Just like what your old folks would say: “welcome to the real world”. Here are some of the common Challenges that most newlywed couples face in their first year of marriage.

085 Family Life

Change of Priorities

Of course one of the challenges that most couple face in their married life is the change of priorities. Before when you are still single your priorities are the things that would only benefit you but now it will be different because your priority is not yourself anymore it will be your family especially if you’re the guy. Your last priority will be yourself if you are already married. If you are the guy, you will be the provider and you will always think the needs of your family first before your personal needs. For most guys, this is really a challenge because you will be spending your money to your family’s need and bills.



Another concern for newlywed couples is financial especially if their earning is just enough. Couples should learn how to budget their own money because they will be on their own away from their comfort life. Their parents will not be there to pay for their bills and other expenses but would just support them in some point. That’s why before you get into marriage you should train yourself how to budget your money and know how to spend it wisely. If you are trained to budget then this will not a challenge anymore.



Next challenge I think is the hardest of all – responsibilities. Once you get into marriage you have committed that you will be a husband to your wife and a father to your children, same goes with the mothers and wives.

Getting into marriage is big commitment that each individual should understand. If they don’t truly understand the importance of the bond of marriage then they would end up breaking up or fail marriage.

Focus On These Three

Supporting a family to most means making enough money to pay the bills and put food on the table. In today’s society supporting a family means so much more. Just how to support your family in all their needs can be confusing with all its idiosyncrasies. Some are deserve more focus than others.

Saving for schooling is important, as is saving for retirement. Even for those who cannot pay for their children’s entire education ensuring that their future home and health will not depend on the backs and pocket books of their children is essential. Making solid choices as the head of a house can make all the difference in supporting a family now and for their futures. Do not teach that buying and buying on credit is smart. Focus on the lessons of hard work and savings.

Most importantly do not allow money to become the center of the support structure for the home and family. While needs must be met physically, if the emotional wellbeing of children and spouses is foregone then all will be lost. Simply spending time with each family member giving them undivided attention can make all the difference. Let them choose the activity. Sit and draw with a little one. Shoot hoops in the drive way or paint your nails and toes. Read a loud to your spouse or take a slow walk around the neighborhood enjoying the sun and flowers. Knowing that each member of the family is worth time and attention even if only for one hour a week can remind someone of their love and value.

Finally, remember to take care of yourself. If you cannot function happily and in a healthy way everything else is going to fall apart. Without sleeping the right amount of hours, getting enough water, and eating healthy foods each thing is going to start falling to pieces bit by little bit. Taking care of yourself first will allow you to take care of others.

What You Were Made For

The innate ability to love has come from somewhere deep inside us. Each person has that moment when either watching a soldier come home from war, a parent loosing a child, or an abused animal find a loving home touches their heart and they cannot help but well over with love. That piece in each of us has come from God. We were made in love, to give love, and to be loved. This simple fact is why strengthening the family through religion cannot fail when it starts at church and follows the family into their home each and very day.

Finding a church that suits the family is first and foremost. Some are serious with traditional values and services and work beautifully for conservative families. Other churches are contemporary with loud, exciting services and free flowing values that blend well in homes where freedom is a high priority. Teaching husbands and wives and sons and daughters to love God first, others first, and themselves last can change a dynamic in a home almost over night. Finding a church that uses the Bible as its source of encouragement and knowledge is the first step in strengthening the family.

Bringing the family together for church on Sunday mornings and Bible study later in the week can strengthened relationships as time is spent together. Bringing the family together for prayer time can strengthen the family core as a whole. As families share their hopes and dreams together for each other with God each member is reminded of the core from which they come. Trusting in God can take pressure and stress off of each family member creating less tension in the home and a healthier life style for each family member. Knowing that support is coming from home and heaven the unit as a whole can function better.

The Key For Having Family Nights

Families have a tendency to grow apart as the members age. Children grow into teens, and begin to look for their own lives. As they grow older, many parents believe that it becomes more important to spend time together. If you believe this, you might want to consider having some sort of family night each week or month. Doing this is relatively easy in concept, but often hard in execution. If you really want to give it a shot, the best advice is to make sure the activities are actually fun for your family rather than activities that you assume will be fun. 

If you are looking into having family nights, one of the most important things that you can do is to actually make it fun. Ask your family what it is that they would enjoy doing together. There are dozens of guides out there that will tell you about the “perfect” activity, but the truth of the matter is that the best activities are those that your family will enjoy. You might go to a movie, play a board game or even take in an evening of racing go-karts, but the important thing is that you are together and you are having fun.

Never try to push the concept of having family nights further than it needs to go. Things will come up, but try to make time as you can. If you force your children into the family night, they will resent both you and the activity. Making it a fun, low-pressure environment makes it more likely that your children will actually spend time with you, and that can make all the difference. So long as you can provide a bit of fun and an excuse for everyone to get together, your family nights will always be successful and accomplish your goal.

How To Diet As A Family And Enjoy Doing So

With the support of one another, it can be quite easy and fun to diet as a family. Dieting together can mean cooking together, experimenting for new recipes, and even exercising together to get healthy. Changing to healthier eating habits is extremely difficult; however, when an entire household is making the effort, there are less temptations and the temptations are easier to overcome.

The first part in this is to get everyone on board. If spouses can diet together, they can help strengthen their relationship and encourage each other to work towards their goals especially if using the same diet from hcg 1234. If the adults can agree to better eating habits, it is easy to get children to because they have to eat the food that is provided to them. Eating healthy can be fun when people make it an event to go shopping for healthier vegetables and fruits, trying new foods, saving money on fast food, and realizing that eating healthy makes the body feel so much better.

Cooking as a family is a great way to get each member actively involved in what they are eating and knowing exactly what ingredients are going into the meal make it easier to track one’s diet. For those that are not expert cooks, there are several recipe books for quick and healthy meals that include all the nutrition information and serving sizes to make everything convenient.

A few general dieting and healthier eating habit tips are to always use brown instead of white foods such as brown rice and wheat bread, always track portion sizes, write down and track each meal and snack, do not waste calories on sodas and high sugar juices, eat more fruits and vegetables, and drink plenty of water. It can be simple to diet as a family so long as everyone encourages each other and tries to avoid bringing any temptations into the home.